What do I need to know?

What is edCamp?
EdCamp is a form of unconference designed specifically for teachers. Participants suggest topic ideas and an agenda is created at the start of the event. Participants attend sessions that interest them and engage in discussion with other educators. EdCamp is designed to bring teachers together to talk about the things that matter most to them with the goal to work together to build an understanding by sharing your own knowledge and questions.

When is edCamp Beaver Dam? 
EdCamp Beaver Dam is on Saturday, November 5th, 2016.

Where is edCamp Beaver Dam? 
EdCamp Beaver Dam will take place at Beaver Dam Middle School, located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Various classrooms and spaces around Beaver Dam Middle School will be used.

What do I need to bring?
1. Your device. We will help you connect to our wifi upon arrival.
2. Your ideas. edCamp is a collaborative experience and your ideas, questions and thoughts are crucial to make the event a success!

How much does it cost? 

EdCamp is free due to donations from our sponsors!

What if I don't know anyone else going? 

Encourage other teachers, administrators, school board members or coaches that you know to to attend! If you are flying solo, no worries! EdCamp is a collaborative place and you are bound to make some new friends throughout the  process!

How do I register? 

Registration is quick and easy by following this link!

Can I volunteer? 

We would love to have your help! Please fill out the volunteer form and we will contact you before the event.

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