Friday, October 16, 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Attend EdCamp Beaver Dam on November 5th, 2016!

Reason 5: It’s free!
Unlike other professional development opportunities for educators, EdCamp is completely free to participants! 

Reason 4: Prizes, prizes, prizes!
EdCamp Beaver Dam has accumulated many prizes from a variety of generous donors!  All participants will also get a “swag” bag full of goodies just for attending EdCamp!

Reason 3: Choice!
At EdCamp Beaver Dam, you will have the choice to attend whatever sessions impact you. EdCamp is a day full of learning, but the best part about it is that it is completely relevant to what you are interested in! There is no set schedule of topics until the day of the event because it is completely set by participants.

Reason 2: Positive collaboration!
EdCamp is a positive day of learning! Everyone that is at an EdCamp wants to be there and is excited about the chance to learn and connect with new people. One of the most powerful aspects of EdCamp is getting to collaborate with teachers that are not in your district and focus on best practices for teaching and learning. A collaborate Google document will be used throughout the day for participants to add notes about the conversations that are happening in sessions that they’re attending. If you can’t make it to a session that you’d like to, you can refer back to the collaborating sheet to see what you missed.

Reason 1: New ideas!
Participants of EdCamp Beaver Dam will leave with great ideas shared from other passionate educators from around the state of Wisconsin. EdCamp attendees will get the opportunity to talk and share ideas, giving tips that you can use immediately back at your school. It’s exciting to spend the day with other educators who love learning and are enthusiastic about best teaching and learning practices. If your teaching flame is running low, use Edcamp Beaver Dam to reignite it!

Register for EdCamp Beaver Dam on November 5th now!

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